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Native Waves Network is in need of your support. If you have a vision for revival in America, giving the people of this land a voice of prophetic declaration, or would like to join in our vision for Native Waves Network, please consider participating in the following ways:

Prayer Support

Native Waves Network is a ministry like any other. We serve the Body of Christ with our time and resources to fulfill the vision God has given us. We need God's mercy, grace and peace in all we do. We have an enemy that needs to be bound and silenced. We need continued protection over our health, families, and resources. Please pray as God leads you by His Holy Spirit in these areas.

2. Volunteer Labor Support

All of us here at Native Waves Network are here because we believe it is God's will and desire that we be here. We are here as un-paid volunteers. We are in need of every type of resource. Construction laborers, administration assistants, producers, directors, camera operators, editors, graphic designers, grant writers, and fund raisers, just to name a few. If you're not sure if we can use your skill set, please contact us and we will get you connected.

3. Financial Support

We here at Native Waves Network believe in doing what God has put our hands to with a Spirit of Excellence. We understand that not all of you are able to volunteer your services.
We have a studio facility, but are in need of additional professional television production equipment. We are also in need of finances to purchase airtime to broadcast our productions. We are in need of $152,000.00, and we have come up with a formula to reach that goal. It looks like this:

If 152 of you would pledge $1000.00 we would achieve the goal.
If you can give a one time gift of $1000.00 GREAT! If not, consider $200.00 a month for five months.
We've made this easy for you. Just click the PayPal button below and follow the instructions for an auto deduction from your account of $200.00 a month for five months.

We ask only that you pray and seek God about how you are to participate in this vision.

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